What Are Core Skills?

Core Skills, are your invisible skills that reveal themselves in: the way you talk, the way you write, the way you think, the way you do your job and the way you interact with other people.

You Need Strong Core Skills for Professional Success

Your Core Skills are the skills everyone notices.

Your Core Skills are the skills your managers, your co-workers and your customers use to form opinions about your character, your potential and your capabilities.

Core Skills are the skills managers focus on when they decide who to hire, who to promote, who to mentor and who to let go.

The Most In-Demand Core Skills

Employers favour workers who can demonstrate these skills:

Workers who achieve professional success model thes behaviours:

Written Communication

Produce clear and concise documents

Oral Communication

Share their ideas confidently and clearly


Motivate and give directions to others

Decision Making

Choose the best action to take and evaluate choice using logic and facts

Problem Solving

Prudently gather information to establish facts and principles

In today’s workplace, workers who can think creatively and critically, who interact well with others, who are able to find solutions to problems, and who can make sound decisions in non-routine situations have a greater chance of career success.

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